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Registration Agreement
The Triarii Consilium FUM DUX would like to welcome you to the front door of our website!

If you do not have a Triarii Sponsor - 


Don't take this personal.  It doesn't mean you aren't wanted but it does mean you have tried to join without gaining yourself a sponsor.  Not everyone is willing to sponsor a new member because there is a fair amount of responsibility placed on the sponsor and they are held responsible for who they bring in.  If you have friends in Triarii that have gotten to know you, ask them if they would be willing to sponsor you.  They will explain what is expected of you if they have the time to be your sponsor.  When you get a sponsor be prepare for a possible wait for the invite as we aren't looking to flood our recruit ranks just because guys want in... patience is a virtue we admire

As a registered member of the Triarii Clan Website at ANY level, from Guest to Full Patch member, you are agreeing to abide by the following fundamental rules enforced by the Consilium Fum Duxs: 

1) Don't be a jerk
2) Keep it clean in game and public forums

Forum posts will be moderated by the Consilium as well as other chosen members to ensure that the discussions are not offensive and stay on target. We've kept the language respectable in the WG forums and we expect the same discretion from our membership. 

I accept the terms of service and privacy policy: